Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile Apps are created using popular web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However it has a major difference with traditional web apps and websites. Web Apps can be accessed using Web Browsers. But, Hybrid Apps are accessible from a developer-defined native application that utilizes a mobile platform’s WebView. Since the container of the Hybrid App is written using mobile platform’s native code, it has access to device capabilities and OS-native APIs. Device capabilities includes but not limited to Smart hardware sensors like GPS, Accelerometer, Camera etc and Software Services like Contacts, Databases, Gallery and other apps installed on the device.


So, what basically drives customers to lean towards Hybrid Mobile Apps?

Web Technologies are strong, globally accepted, highly customizable and portable by instinct. For years, limit-less skills are already being developed on Web Technologies across various industries. During Hybrid App development, developers can re-use their existing skills in web development. Most of them hates to mess up with native, platform-specific codes, if it’s avoidable. The organizations also find it meaningful – they hardly need separate teams of app developers for each mobile platform. Instead larger part of the app is being developed by the existing web developers. Therefore, undoubtedly Hybrid Apps are cheaper to build.


Hybrid Technologies are perfect for which types of Mobile App?

Ideally, any Smartphone App can be crafted using Hybrid Technique. But, we strongly recommend to do a thorough analysis of your requirement before opting for Hybrid App. There are several caveats of Hybrid Apps, which are well identified and documented. We do this analysis for you, as part of our due-diligence. Generally if you have an existing website which is already used as Online Shop, Social/Collaborative Platform, Information Sharing, Geo-Location based services, Cross-platform compatible online service, it’s ideal for you to opt for a Hybrid App. Hybrid App is mostly discouraged for Apps like System and Utility Apps, Platform Customization tools, IDEs, Editors etc.