About Us

JujuApps is founded by Prithwiraj Bose. Prithwiraj is the CEO of JujuApps Technologies. The company is located in Kolkata, India.

Prithwiraj is a Technology Architect at one of the biggest IT farms in the world. He has a deep passion for computers and loved programming since his school days. He founded JujuApps while working in the IT farm to practice what he loves. Eventually JujuApps turned out to be one of the leading Mobile App and Web Development farms in the city. Several customers from various industries started hiring JujuApps to get their sites and apps developed.

JujuApps consists of a small yet outstanding team of smart people. They love to think different and create the right thing for you. JujuApps uses a simple way to interpret customer needs and draw them in reality with the help of technology. Customers love the way they get their work done.

JujuApps also has a state-of-the-art IoT Research Lab where they design and develop Living-Automation™ system. This system would transform the life of human being and the way they interact with technology in daily life. JujuApps Research promises to bring a better tomorrow for mankind.